The following terms and conditions are applicable to all visitors to, variations of the website by the company SINA NOORI, and all images, information, documents, or other services of SINA NOORI.
By accessing or using this website, you are agreeing to the terms and provisions of this agreement. Participation or use of this site constitutes acceptance of this agreement.


1. Privacy
Personal information entered on the website is confidential. Privacy protections and reasonable concerns are strictly in accordance with legal requirements.

2. Liability Exclusion – External Links
If a SINA NOORI webpage contains a link to another website, clicking on any external link absolves SINA NOORI of any liability for, or influence of, the layout, content, or further links that may appear on third party sites.

3. Website Content
Information provided on the SINA NOORI website is solely provided for general information only, and although SINA NOORI created all content carefully, SINA NOORI does not retain responsibility for, or guarantee the lack of, outdated information, factual errors, defects, malware, or viruses, unless such things occur due to the misconduct or negligence of SINA NOORI or its employees.

4. Communications
SINA NOORI is not liable for damages due to use of its website, or the use of electronic communications through SINA NOORI or the website. Although SINA NOORI will take reasonable measures to avoid interception or manipulation of electronic information and communications, the company does not hold responsibility for damages due to interception or manipulation of electronic communications by third parties or third party computer programs, including the transmission of viruses or information.

5. External Sites
If you choose to leave the SINA NOORI website through a link on our website or otherwise, our terms and conditions, including cookie, privacy, and security policies, do not apply, and choosing to pass your information to third party website should be done at your own discretion.
6. Intellectual Property
The reproduction or use of any brand names, logos, product names, product titles, or other proper nouns on the website without permission is a violation of copyright and trademark law. The trademark holder reserves the right to press charges for illegal use. SINA NOORI and its subcontractors and suppliers retain copyrights over all designs, texts, documents, videos, sound, photos, images, music, and other services and arrangements, including software, codes, and other materials displayed or used in the creation of the website.
Print reproductions of the website are only allowed to the extent that you are able to place an order with SINA NOORI. In order to otherwise reproduce any portion of the website, including modification, reproduction, or distribution, contact SINA NOORI for written approval.


1. Pricing
All prices are listed in EURO amounts, and include VAT
2. Order Completion
In the case that SINA NOORI cannot complete an order, we will contact you as soon as possible. Wholesale quantities are not offered through the website. Check ORDER INFORMATION for more information regarding order placement through the website.
After submitting an order, we will email you regarding receipt of your order in an email order confirmation. This does not mean we have accepted or fulfilled your order, simply that we have received your order request.
If your order can be fulfilled, you will receive a shipment confirmation email separately from your order confirmation.
3. Stock
Items listed on the website are in stock and ready to be sent unless otherwise noted. In the case that certain items or sizes are unavailable, they will be marked as such on the website as soon as possible.
Customers ordering the last of a product at the same time may not have updated information on the website. If your order is placed and an item is unavailable, you will be refunded and notified accordingly.
We work diligently to provide you with updated information, andreplenish stock frequently, but errors may occur.
4. Contact
To contact SINA NOORI regarding errors, cancellations, or customer service, contact SINA NOORI by phone at +33950792089 or by email at service. We will do our best to assist you.
5. Changes to your Order
SINA NOORI works to ship orders quickly, so there may not be time to modify or cancel your order once it has been placed. Modifications to your address, or item size or color cannot be modified after an order has been placed.
SINA NOORI reserves the right to modify or decline any order for any reason. Order fulfillment is subject to availability. The following reasons may constitute order rejection:

• Product unavailable
• Incorrect billing information
• Billing information that cannot be verified
• Unaccepted bank transfers within 5 days
• Unable to deliver to your shipping address
• Natural disasters or other circumstances out of our control


1. Method of Payment
Payment methods may vary by country. Paypal and other forms of electronic payment may be available.
2. Information Check
SINA NOORI may perform credit checks as part of the payment process. SINA NOORI reserves the right to modify or decline orders or certain payment methods. You will be offered another payment method in these cases, and our customer service team will not be informed of the results of your credit check.
3. Final Price
Applicable taxes and shipping are included in the final price listed on the final checkout screen. Your order confirmation email will contain your final price. We reserve the right to change prices on the website, but these changes will not affect confirmed orders.

1. General Shipping
Generally, shipments will arrive within 7-10 business days after the order has been shipped.
2. Threshold Shipping
Depending on the requirement for shipping to your country, you may be eligible for free shipping. If you meet the requirements, your order will be shipped by standard delivery, or through discounted express delivery, depending on your options and selection.
3. Defects
If any items are received with defects, notify SINA NOORI immediately. Failing to notify SINA NOORI immediately may affect your legal rights.