Sina Noori was raised in Tehran alongside a father who was jeweler and has encouraged a blooming passion for construction and architecture. He learned from his upbringing the finest techniques and acquired an acute taste for beauty. Despite his love for creation, Sina decides to start his studies in physics. The contrast but also the harmony that exists between the chaos of nature and the pragmatism of mathematics is what attracts him to sciences.

After obtaining his bachelor, Sina moved to Milan to continue his apprenticeship, but his passion for design took over. He then decides to go for it and enroll in the fashion program of the famous Politecnico di Milano school as he simultaneously studies at the Istituto Marangoni.

As he finished his degree, he begins his professional career in an Italian trend forecasting agency. There, he learns every step of the creation of a collection, from fabric research to the conception of the silhouettes. He acquires an eye for color and material mixing that will be established as the signature of the SINA NOORI brand. During that time, Sina imagines his first collection that will be a real success in Italy.

Wanting to perfect his fashion education, Sina moves to Paris where he enters ESMOD.

After obtaining his diploma, he releases his eponymous brand that will be signed by a modern and refined aesthetics. Sina Noori designs pieces that are marked by his inspirations and the travels that cultivate his personal style.

Behind a minimalistic design are revealed complex and hybrid pieces that portrait a fine play with contrast in the pursuit of offering a key look. Technical fabrics such as neoprene are allied with noble ones such as cotton which reveals a capacity to evaluate the wishes of the modern and anti-conformist woman. Through his singular sight on fashion, Sina Noori works with the contrast that have always fascinated him. Matte finishes mixed with metallics, opaque carefully associated with see-through, bright colors in opposition to neutral tones.

Rich in subtleties, the designer, who draws his essence from the implacable logic of nature, pays tribute to the discrete force of the woman by offering her a modern yet remarkable sobriety. His designs combine an assured minimalism with a boundless creativity. SINA NOORI reimagines an urban woman who reveals herself with a cosmopolite and timeless style while nurturing her own personality.